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Cazzo :: Emerald Green, Luxe Smart Enve and Campy Record

It would seem that steel is on the rise... at least by our very non-scientific calculations here.  All we can say is that Cazzo has become a hot item of late. 

This here is a special beast - a unicorn in Emerald Green.  This Cazzo is built to Corsa geometry.  We adjusted the angles, shortened the wheelbase, added a 44mm head tube and shifted to a tapered fork.  The handling is sharp, the clearance is minimal and the stiffness is at its maximum.

Aside from the geometry, head tube and fork modifications, this is a standard Cazzo - as standard as they get. PegoRichie Columbus UOS tubing, dropouts from Richard Sachs, and an English threaded BB round out the features of this machine.  In keeping with the smaller diameters of the steel tubing (as compared to the massive Deda aluminum stuff on our Corsa) we've specified Enve's 1 1/4" tapered fork and Chris King I8 headset in blue, to match the logo suite. 

Components on this bike have been chosen for maximum function and speed.  A mixed Record / Chorus groupset from Campagnolo keeps the weight low without busting the bank.  Up front, Deda's 35mm bar and matching stem offer stiffness that's on par with the frameset.  The alloy post from Deda is simple, with good adjustability.  

The wheels are built by Justin at Luxe Wheelworks and feature Enve Composites 3.4 clincher carbon rim set mated to White Industries T11 hubs via Sapim CX-Ray spokes.  Michelin Pro4 Race 700x25 tires meet the road and snuggle right up against the seat tube on this super tight wheelbase race bike.  

Posted on January 17, 2014 and filed under cazzo.

Cazzo :: Frameset w/ Classic Steel fork

It's no secret that we use Richard Sachs's PegoRichie tubing for the Cazzo.  This is one of the same tubesets that Richard uses in building his lugged steel frames.  In giving us access to this tubing for our Cazzo, Richard has also given us access to the matching fork parts.  Typically we pair the Cazzo with either an Enve Composites fork or a Pegoretti Falz carbon fork, but we also offer the matching steel offering (for a considerable up-charge, we might add).   

This bike is a custom 54cm bicycle destined for California.  This rider is a former pro racer who still puts out some serious mileage each year and knows exactly  how he wants his bikes to ride.  He was insistent on the steel fork, and we were happy to oblige. The finish is in our standard black, highlighted with Emerald Green logos in the standard suite.  

Posted on August 2, 2013 and filed under cazzo.

Cazzo :: Majorca Green Frameset

We love our Majorca Green color.  It was one of the first colors we used on the first Gaulzetti frames back in 2007 and it's been a fixture since.  The only problem is that it seldom comes out on film as it looks in reality.  It has a depth and lustrous  sparkly, iridescent look that we've found impossible to capture in images.  

This bike is the finest example yet of our Cazzo, made from PegoRichie Über Oversized Niobium steel from Columbus.  

Posted on April 13, 2013 .

Corsa and Cazzo: Fraternal Twins

We're all familiar with the concept of cyclocross racers having a collection of bikes to survive a season of rough and various conditions. We have to admit that we're enamored with the concept of having a couple road bikes at our disposal to tackle a full season of riding, training or racing.

Here's the scene. Two bikes: One for training that will receive 90% of your miles in all sorts of terrible conditions, that will be used, abused, not cleaned often or well enough - you don't care how much it weighs and you're not too concerned by the vintage or matchiness of its parts. The other bike is your race machine and bears the higher-end parts package, the race wheels, the light bits and pieces. You break this one out when you pin on a number, maintain it fastidiously to keep it working optimally.

The key to establishing the quiver is to make sure the bikes are identical in geometry and extremely similar in ride quality and handling. Switching to the alpha bike for races or rides cannot be an experience that requires adjustment or acclimation. Switching bikes needs to be accomplished without thought or prevarication.  

Posted on April 13, 2013 .

55cm Cazzo with Dura Ace 9000 Build

Our Gun Metal Grey is undoubtedly the most popular color in our lineup for 2012. It's a sharp color and probably the perfect one for purpose-built bikes made from metal. It's also a neutral template for adding other splashes of color, such as the Chris King headset, bottom bracket and hubs on this build, all in green. It's also a near-perfect match for the smokey but shiny silver/grey found on the stunning new DA9000 parts, featured here.

Full specs on this bike:

  • Frame: 55cm Cazzo
  • Fork: Whiskey Components road
  • Wheels: Luxe Alloy clinchers (box section H Plus Son Rims, Sapim spokes, kings hubs)
  • Gruppo: Dura Ace 9000 mechanical, full group
  • Handlebar: Deda RHM01
  • Stem: Deda Zero1
  • Seatpost: Deda RS01
  • Saddle: Prologo Nago Evo TS
  • Tires: Michelin Pro4 Endurance 700x25 with latex inner tubes
  • Bar Tape: Lizard Skins DSP 1.8mm

Posted on April 13, 2013 .

51cm Cazzo in Embro Green

This is a 51cm Cazzo in our new Embro Green color with Navy Blue logos.  We built it up with a matching Navy Blue Chris King components kit including the headset and hubs that form the center of the Luxe Wheelworks Carbon Tubular wheels with Corima Aero tubular rims.  A Record groupset from Campagnolo and Deda cockpit setup form the guts of this build.  

Posted on April 13, 2013 .

Cazzo in the Raw

Sometimes it's good to see a bike frame in its undressed state.  A good paint job can cover up poor fabrication work, so we're all too ready to show of our raw bits and pieces.  This is a 55cm Cazzo frame - one of our first made from the ÜOS PegoRichie tubing.  

Posted on April 1, 2013 .