Corsa :: 7003 Aluminum Road Race Bicycle

Pro bike racers are paid to race, train, suffer and win, but what they're REALLY paid to do is represent their sponsors' marketing interests. Now, there's nothing wrong with this - every cycling fan realizes this on some level and knows that sponsorship is the lifeblood of bicycle racing, from the Pro Tour on down to the amateur ranks. Bicycle companies pay vast sums of money for the privilege of having elite athletes ride their products and, in turn, these pros are duty-bound (and contractually obliged) to effusively proclaim the superiority of their sponsor's bicycles, regardless of what they might think in private. Gone are the days where pro riders used to secretly, or not-so-secretly, have custom bikes made for them and re-badged with their official sponsors' logos. Sponsorship contracts have become so large and important to the bottom lines of teams that this practice is now economically impossible.

With this in mind, the Gaulzetti Corsa is designed to be the bike pro riders would ride if they had a choice of frames. It's a race machine in the purest sense; built for pure function, and designed with a keen understanding of the rigors encountered by racers, from early season training miles in horrible winter conditions, to the longest, most grueling summer road races. In short, if the job is training and racing, the Corsa is the ideal tool for that job.

The decision to use aluminum to create this racing machine was a simple one: Aluminum provides the optimum characteristics necessary in a race frame. Its low density means that tubes can be made to the large diameters required for a stiff, lively bicycle while avoiding an undue weight penalty. When built correctly, from premium materials, aluminum bicycles ride well, handle predictably and last indefinitely. 

The Corsa is built with a custom drawn blend of butted 7003 aluminum tubes from Dedacciai. The main tubes and chainstays are all very large in diameter to maximize front end and drivetrain stiffness while the seat stays are relatively thin, to reduce weight and helps smooth out the ride quality. Unlike most other aluminum bicycle designs, the tubes on the Corsa are neither radically shaped nor are they extensively relieved. These two processes can create bicycles that are light and stiff, but can also unnecessarily degrade the ride quality of the bicycle and produce the "tin can" feeling often associated with aluminum. In fact, the Corsa's ride characteristics are more similar to fine steel bicycles. There’s a smoothness and mellowness to the ride quality of the Corsa that is decidedly unlike other aluminum bicycles on the market. In addition to the surprisingly smooth ride, the first thing one notices when first riding a Corsa is the stiffness; not only the exceptional drivetrain rigidity, but also in the front end of bicycle which does not move or shimmy when pulling hard on the bars. The result of this front-end stiffness is that the Corsa behaves responsively and predictably during hard, out-of-saddle efforts such as sprinting and climbing. It also results in a bike with supremely confident high speed cornering characteristics. There’s no vagueness in handling, no question that the bicycle will steer where you point it at high speeds.

The Corsa uses an integrated seatmast with a few topper options, but can also be built to accept a 30.9 seatpost if the ISP is not your preference. The BB is a machined Press Fit 30 shell while the head tube is 44mm that fits the Chris King Inset 7 headset, which we supply as standard equipment in your choice of King's colors. The Corsa accepts a 34.9mm clamp-on variety front derailleur. The standard fork is Enve Composites' Tapered Road fork in either 1.25" or 1.5" versions (size dependent).


Framesets from $2999 -
Includes frame, fork, headset, standard paint and ISP topper.

Complete Bicycles from $4499 - 
See our complete bicycle options for specifications and pricing. Fully custom build kits available as well upon request.


All Gaulzetti bicycles are made-to-order. We are happy to consult with you on a frameset or complete bicycle build.
Please CONTACT US to begin the process. 



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Corsa :: Standard Features

Custom Deda 7003 Tubeset

Our own custom blend of aluminum tubes from Dedacciai are optimized for maximum stiffness, strength, durability and refined ride quality. 

Enve Composites Tapered Fork

Machined Aluminum Dropouts

Our aluminum dropouts are made in-house to be ultra-light, and durable. They hold the wheel perfectly in place for optimal power transfer. 

Chris King Inset Headset

Machined Press Fit 30 BB Shell

Press Fit 30 offers the largest possible shell, which means more surface area for mating up our over-sized tubes and stays. 

Machined 44mm Head Tube

Designed for stiffness and strength, we use the 1.5" and 1.125" versions of the Enve tapered forks (geometry dependent). 

Hand Made in the USA

Available in the full spectrum of Chris King's colors, the Inset is for 44mm head tubes and 1.25" or 1.5" tapered fork versions. 

Integrated Seat Mast w/ Topper

A simple and elegantly machined over-sized head tube is extremely light, stiff and facilitates the use of tapered fork models. 

Two Color Solid Paint Scheme

All Gaulzetti frames are built by some of the industry's most skilled and experienced fabricators in our facility here in the US. 

A mix of form and function, the ISP is lighter and simpler than a standard seat post. Comes with your choice of 25mm or zero offset versions of Deda or Woodman toppers. 

Each Corsa comes with a hand-painted, solid scheme in your choice of colors for frameset and logo colors.

Each Corsa comes with a hand-painted, solid scheme in your choice of colors for frameset and logo colors.

Corsa :: Frameset Options 

ISO Disc Brake Mounts

Custom International Standard disc brake mounts are welded on and gusseted for extreme strength and stiffness. Match with the Enve Road Disc fork for full disc brake setup. 

No additional charge.

Parlee PF BB for Shimano

Internal Electronic Wiring

Internal electronic cable routing and battery mounting for Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS groupsets. Does not include cables or batteries - see complete bicycles for that.

No additional charge. 

Chris King PF30 BB

Standard Seatpost Option

If the integrated seat mast is not to your liking, we can build the Corsa to accept a traditional seat post in 27.2 or 30.9 sizes. Includes clamp and insert, post not included. No additional charge. 

If the integrated seat mast is not to your liking, we can build the Corsa to accept a traditional seat post in 27.2 or 30.9 sizes. Includes clamp and insert, post not included.

No additional charge. 

Parlee PF 30 BB for Campy

A clean and mechanically simple bottom bracket unit for Shimano cranks. Machined aluminum cups press firmly into the frame for a secure, noise-free fitment. Enduro sealed bearings within. 

+ $50 

Custom Paint

Chris King's Press Fit 30 bottom bracket is available in all of King's colors and is compatible with nearly any Shimano or SRAM crank option with the appropriate adapters. 

+ $125 w/ steel bearings
+$185 w/ ceramic bearings

PMP Seatmast Topper

Specifically designed for use with Campagnolo Ultra Torque cranks, the machined cups press deeply into the PF 30 BB shell for secure fitment and perfect functionality over the long term. 

+ $50

Custom Geometry

Our paint shop can do just about anything you can think up. Custom paint schemes, colors and graphics are all possible.

Prices Vary // Contact us for quote

Boutique Italian component manufacturer, PMP offers a unique ISP topper with 14mm setback, low weight and unique head design. 

+ $150

All Gaulzetti framesets are built-to-order. We are happy to design a custom bike to your specifications. Use our Fit Form to confirm. 

No charge. Contact us for details.

Corsa :: Complete Bicycle Options 

We have selected build options that we feel offer the best balance of performance, cost and durability based on our experience and feedback from our clients.  While our stock builds provide a good reference point to quickly understand what complete bicycles cost at various levels, you are not limited to these options. Please CONTACT US for a quote on a custom build.