Cazzo :: Columbus Niobium Steel Road Race Bicycle 

"Cazzo" is an Italian word which, even if it could be translated properly, would probably be best not to print. Suffice it to say, it's an expression often used to express disgust, disbelief, or as an insult when no other word could express how stupid, disdainful and odious the intended target is.

The terrain best suited to the Cazzo is also the type of terrain that could elicit such profanity from even the most pious of bike racers. An agricultural drainage ditch serving as a roadway, an impossibly steep dirt road climb, a 50km/h echelon that picks up the pace as it ascends a muur covered in manure, crushed bricks and drunk tifosi hurling pils, a 180 degree corner into a mass of mud or dust depending on that morning's weather pattern. These are the race conditions which make a cyclist scream "Cazzo!"  Gaulzetti Cicli have first-hand experience with this sort of thing and have produced the ideal bicycle for just such conditions.

The Gaulzetti Cazzo is a road race bicycle designed to excel on the roughest terrain encountered in professional cycling. Compared to the Corsa, its slightly lengthened wheelbase, adjusted head angle, setback, and lower bottom bracket give it a less nervous character over difficult terrain. The snap and responsiveness when pushed through corners and accompanying changes in tempo which characterize the Corsa are also characteristic of the Cazzo, however.

The Cazzo is constructed of Über OverSize PegoRichie tubing and stays from Columbus, which are wider diameter tubes than are commonly used in steel bikes and allow us to make a stiff, reactive bicycle in keeping with the Gaulzetti philosophy. Due to its natural high stiffness level, steel tubes can be narrower than the oversized alloy tubes on the Corsa. This allows the use of a standard, English threaded bottom bracket without the need to ovalize tubes.  

On the road the Cazzo is smooth rolling and has the feel that only high quality steel bikes can deliver: That springy, reactive, alive sensation that ties the rider to the bike and the bike to the road.  The Cazzo may be a bit mellower than the Corsa but it's no slouch when it comes to responding to input.  It is a race machine, designed to be reactive and responsive in all conditions.  

The standard fork is the Enve Composites 1 1/8" road model. It's really the gold standard option for road forks and comes in a variety of rake options that allow us to choose the exact option that befits the desired handling characteristics of a given frame size.  The Pegoretti Falz fork is also an option for a slight up-charge.  This fork was designed by Dario Pegoretti, much like the PegoRichie tubes we use in the Cazzo, and is therefore a fine match, philosophically and aesthetically for the Cazzo frame. 

The Cazzo uses a standard 27.2 seatpost, which saves weight versus a seatmast in steel. Cazzo frames use a standard English threaded bottom bracket and a 31.8mm front derailleur clamp. It's available in the same solid paint schemes for frame and fork as the Corsa, in the same color palette.



Frameset Features

  • Über OverSize PegoRichie Niobium steel tubes from Columbus
  • Handmade in USA
  • English threaded 68mm bottom bracket
  • Accepts standard seatpost in 27.2 size
  • Accepts 31.8mm clamp-on front derailleur
  • 1 1/8" head tube
  • Enve Composites 2.0 fork
  • Chris King Nothreadset in choice of color
  • Solid paint frame and fork
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Frameset Options

  • Internal shift cable routing for Di2 / EPS
  • Standard seatpost option (27.2 or 30.9)
  • Custom geometry - up-charges may apply
  • Custom paint - up-charges apply
  • Pegoretti Falz Carbon fork upgrade (+$200)
  • 44mm head tube option (+$150)
  • PF BB30 option (+$100)

Framesets from $2999

Complete Bicycles from $4299